Covid-19 Update: We continue to provide full legal services. Learn more here.

Covid-19 - Pulitzer Family Law

Covid-19 Update: We continue to provide full legal services.

Pulitzer Family Law responds to Covid-19 with new technology and improved accessibility.

Our hearts are with you, your family, and your friends who have been affected by Covid. Please talk with us about your unique situation; we are dedicated to treating you like family, assisting you in a timely, compassionate, and responsive manner.

The Covid pandemic has transformed our society—who would have known a year ago that Zoom, videoconferencing, etc. would take over business meetings, online learning, even visits with grandparents? This is now our “new normal.”

These exceedingly difficult times directly impact how we move forward with your legal concerns and cases. Social distancing and Covid have provided PFL time to reflect upon how we might serve you better. Rather than treating the pandemic as a need for slowing down or shutting down, PFL is using this time to continuously evaluate and add new services. Remote meeting services, online document transfer tools, and online bill pay have all improved our ability to meet your needs.

Remote Meeting and Videoconferencing

Just like the many organizations with whom you connect, Pulitzer Family Law has implemented changes to help you to pursue your goals and to address changes in living arrangements and family structure. Our first need has been to temporarily close our offices and to work remotely. We have been pleasantly surprised that remote meetings have increased our ability to communicate and to respond. In some cases, we can offer flexibility in meeting times to ensure your privacy and convenience. It may be that our new normal will mean embracing remote meetings and that family law will continue to thrive in this more responsive, more private direction.

MyCase Private Case Management Tools

Through our collaboration with, we provide you the ability to transfer documents quickly and securely, without the worries of using email. A link on the PFL website enables you to create an account, manage document submission, and to monitor the next steps in your case. Using a remote conferencing app, such as Zoom, we can share screens with you and facilitate easy discussion of relevant materials.

Pay Bill

Another navigational button allows you to pay your bill privately, conveniently, and quickly through Again, this app is secure, tested, and used by many law firms.

As always, the practical and ethical issues of responding to your needs remain at the top of our commitment to you. Whether handling your case in-person or remotely, we know it is our professional duty to protect the privacy of your case. As we continue to fine-tune services, we appreciate your feedback on expectations and demands.

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