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Paternity and Juvenile Law: know your rights.

Children are at the heart of paternity and juvenile law cases. From supporting kids financially to keeping them safe and bringing them into your family, these cases include:

  • Child support only
  • Determination of paternity of a child
  • Dependency and neglect cases (D&N)
  • Adoption

Child support

In a paternity action, a support case is typically filed by the county child support enforcement agency. It is important to know your rights and understand the law before meeting with anyone from the child support enforcement unit so that you can negotiate intelligently and with a full understanding of the process.


A paternity case can be filed to establish certainty of parentage. Once paternity is established through genetic testing, the juvenile court has the authority to enter orders concerning parental responsibility (decision-making authority and parenting time) and child support.

Dependency and neglect

A dependency and neglect case is filed by a county department of social services when they believe a child is at risk. It’s important to consult with an attorney as soon as you are notified that you will be the respondent in a dependency and neglect case, so you know your rights and responsibilities.